The Future of social media is mobile!!



Generally, our social media experience has been stuck to the first-screen browser and the one News Feed to rule them all. We’ve been bombarded with bloated content from overpopulated streams. We’ve been saturated with updates and notifications from people we love, pages we Like, accounts we follow, colleagues who we connect with, and acquaintances that can’t even remember how we know them —we just couldn’t keep up. We felt the urge to clean house, to make our feeds less cluttered and more manageable.

But as our daily Internet consumption moves away from the desktop/Laptop the landscape of social media is seeing a dramatic shift in native platforms and user behaviors. Smartphone hardware has matured. Wireless data networks have advanced. Mobile-first design has gone mainstream. But content oversaturation and deterioration of meaningful interactions is still a concern. That problematic intersection has birthed a new zeitgeist: Mobile tribes.

We crave interpersonal interaction, the basic human need to connect and communicate with each other. The basal layer of social media has remained unchanged, but the chief characteristic of tribes is the tendency to categorize membership in distinct groups, movements, cultures and ideologies—to band together in subpopulations of shared interests, tastes, demographics and marketplaces. That’s where mobile comes in.

People are nowadays more likely to pick up there mobile to check there Facebook, Instagram and Twitter rather than open up there laptop and do the same. The convenience of the mobile means that it is now quicker and easiler to access our social media accounts. Mobiles also are unique because they can allow us to take a photo and instantly upload it to numerous social media sites in matter of seconds.

But the fact we are now even closer to our social medias at all times means we are becoming dependent and fixated on it. People say nowadays that if people see a house burning down they are more likely to take a photo for Facebook rather than help- Yes, this is a bit extreme but you get the idea.

Have a look at a little video that went viral recently which shows the negative effects social media on mobile has on us.

Growth in the more established social media platforms has slowed here, while newer mobile-based apps are gaining ground, according to the latest research into Irish social networking habits.