5 Tips For Creating Great Facebook Content!



There is many different ways in which we can create great Facebook content. In today’s blog post I’m going to share with you 5 tips which I find key to creating great content on facebook.

These Tips include :

1. Interesting and eye catching imagery 


The above image was taken from the Puma Facebook. Puma create great content and one thing in which they are creative with is their imagery! I think the pictures they use mix the ordinary with the extraordinary. This means that people who come across Puma’s content are left with a positive impression. I personally think the imagery is cool and unusual.

2. Don’t post too frequently
We can all relate to the annoyance of being annoyed with useless posts and pointless information. I can’t stress enough the old saying, quality not quantity when it comes to posting content on Facebook. According to a research study by the University of Colorado Business School, the number one reason people unlike Facebook pages is because they get annoyed being continuously bombarded with posts. Plastering peoples news feeds won’t get you more attention. Make each post count! This is important when it comes to Facebook content.

3. Originality is key
The biggest challenge for marketing brands on Facebook, is creating original content. This is something that will come no surprise to anyone who has been tasked with coming up with an creative and original idea. Nobody wants to look at an unimaginative Facebook page. I understand that there are some environments where professionalism is necessary, but that attitude will only come off dull on Facebook. As the great Albert Einstein said “Creativity is contagious, pass it on”.

4.Post a variety of content

Variety is the spice of life, this applies also in the world of Facebook. The same old statuses get boring. Companies need to change it up, either be a video, blog post, pictures you need to keep people interested! Some times it isn’t a bad idea to use a personal touch to posts bringing to light their is actually a person behind these posts, believe it or not Facebook isn’t run by robots! Interactivity and Engagement are the keys to Facebook. Ask people their opinions and thoughts of various topics, you are guaranteed responses!

5.Note when your fans are online

Although it is safe to say Facebook never sleeps, a business or brand should note the peek times of the day their target market are online.  Pages that suffer from low engagement are ones who don’t do their research on this. It is easy to know how many people your post has reached, but are they the people your targeting? This can be viewed through ‘Facebook Insights’. Teenagers may be active 24 hours a day but for example if you are targeting mothers then it is very unlikely they will be online past 12 a.m.