GradSafe App idea!

Hi everyone!

This semester in college has thrown up many new and interesting challenges, one of which includes our Digital Marketing App creation. We were asked to come up with an App concept by our lecturer. They say two brains are better than one so i teamed up with my fellow classmate Daniel O’Sullivan to hopefully create a successful idea.

Basically, GradSafe is an App that will protect, aid and educate users when finding a job. There are a few unique elements to the App itself. GradSafe analyses user’s social media accounts to determine exactly how visible the persons data is to possible future employers. Users can also avail of GradSafe’s tips and tutorials to maximize the privacy of their social footprint.

Gradsafe also has a unique job finding system which alerts users to where they may be a job opening in their field. Users enter their discipline and special interests and GradSafe screens different job websites to pick out only the ones that suit that specific user. There is also an option to possibly integrate students exam results directly onto the App for possible employers to see.

In today’s business world many professionals have a LinkedIn account. The problem with many young graduates is that they don’s know how to get the full potential out of their account. GradSafe will offer its users advice on how to make their LinkedIn account attractive to future employers. GradSafe users will receive business articles which are tailored to the area of work he/she is interested in entering.

The App is aimed at students, job finders and young professionals. Currently there is no App on the market which offers the same unique services as GradSafe. In my own experience many students will ignore their student email accounts and miss out on potential internships and job opportunities. The modern student only worries about Facebook, Twitter and text alerts they get on their smartphones. This is why GradSafe will be successful through its alert system.

The App is developed by students, for the students. I think this will be the key to its success.

Thanks for reading my first blog update. Please stay tuned for my next installment.